And the Winner Is…


While millions around the world were tuning into the World Cup Finals, we also had our eyes set on a second epic contest: which Five would win the Making Our Picks Challenge? Five Ball was in the lead after group play, and he only pulled away more in the second round. He even picked the eventual winner of the World Cup, Germany!


Five Ball has some big plans for his Amazon money, including renting the Lego Movie and buying an Avatar graphic novel for Kindle. We all congratulate him on his great picks, and the rest of us take comfort that we also have some Amazon money of our own (albeit less) to spend. For those of you keeping score at home, this is how the final results panned out (each match in the entire tournament was worth 1 point, with the final being worth 3 points).

1. Five Ball (39 points)
2. Five of Hearts (30 points)
3. Tie between High Five and Five String (29 points each)
5. Five Spice (27 points)

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