Dengue Vu

Our time in Mérida, Mexico has taught up many lessons about living in a tropical climate:

– Never go to sleep without a fan
– Try to wear as little clothing as possible
– Ants will find their way to any scrap of food, no matter how minuscule
– Mosquitoes are very efficient carriers of disease.


Over the last two weeks our home school science lessons have been made very easy as the kids witnessed first hand how those annoying buzzing bugs (that we just can’t keep out of the house) transferred Dengue Fever between mom and dad. So, just as Five Spice was back up on her feet Five String was taking her place in the fetal position waiting for the fevers to run their course. This time around we have learned our lesson and are keeping Five String covered from head to toe in clothing, which will hopefully keep the mosquitoes from transferring the disease once again. The clothing also helps to hide the very prominent Dengue Rash that covers almost 90% of Five Strings body.


While the tropics sound good during New England’s freezing cold winters we are starting to long for a Fall Freeze that would kill off our flying house guests and take down Dengue Fever with them.

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