As a family were were glued to our laptop this past Sunday as we watched a live stream of the People’s Climate March in New York City. It was amazing to see so many people turn out in support of a cause that is very important to us as a family. We were super jealous that we weren’t in New York to add our voices to the crowd in calling for the United States government to take immediate action to reduce carbon emissions. The kids had been studying global climate change all week in home school so after watching the march our Sunday brunch conversation was dominated by the subject. At this point it feels like the kids are the experts on the subject, which in some ways is fitting seeing as they will be the ones fully dealing with the consequences of climate change.

DSC05251 (520x640)

Even though learning about global climate change and its negative effects on our environment isn’t much fun, it makes us feel better prepared to tackle this major issue that isn’t going away. The kids get excited to think of new ways to do their part in reducing carbon emissions and get more involved in campaigns to save the environment (polar bears always feature highly on their priority list). So, after brunch we gathered as a family to watch Disruption, a movie about climate change, the climate movement, and the People’s Climate March created by Kelly Nyks and Jared P. Scott. You can watch Disruption for free by clicking below.

The movie is so well done that it captured all of the Fives’ attentions. The science of global climate change is broken down in a very understandable way, and the call for each of us to do our part makes you feel like taking immediate action. There is a wonderful segment of the movie that talks about the human brain and how with jobs, kids, and bills to pay we can easily put the danger of our changing climate at the back of our minds, only thinking about it when we hear a news clip or read a newspaper article. However, if everyday we see someone taking steps to reduce their carbon emissions our brains will wake up and be inspired to follow suit. Watching Disruption gave our brains that wake up and we hope that in watching it you will be inspired into action as well.

High Five is putting his best 3 year-old lettering to work to bring awareness to global climate change.

High Five put his best 3 year-old lettering to work to bring awareness to global climate change.


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