Just Around the Corner

It has been just about four months since we said goodbye to our beloved vehicle, the Mazda5. At first the kids were excited to be free from their car seats and Five String relished the break from driving. However, reality quickly set in that our life would now include a lot more walking then ever. Unfortunately we discovered that these walks would not be the pleasant nature trail rambles that we love. Instead we have spent many long hours the last few months trekking along hot, dirty sidewalks while breathing in noxious car fumes.



However, mom and dad have finally learned our lesson and this past month we made renting a house within a reasonable distance of grocery stores, playgrounds, and green spaces a priority. This priority has paid off big time!!! Not only is our rental house in Cozumel just 1 km from the supermarket, but it also has an amazing sports complex just around the corner. So, everyday after homeschool we head to “gym class” at the sports complex. This amazing facility is 100% free and features a track, several basketball courts, two soccer fields, a couple of tennis courts, a multi-lane swimming pool, and even a playground. By far this is the Younger Fives’ favorite attraction in Cozumel, and it has firmly planted the message in our mind that kids with room to run and play are happy kids!




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