The Gentle Art of Breaking Coconuts



What You Will Need:
* Supply of Coconuts (i.e. from tree in backyard)
* Screwdriver
* Cup or Other Drinking Vessel

1. Have an adult repeatedly jab the coconut with a screwdriver.  Any onlookers should not stand around the coconut, as the adult’s aim is not steady and toes might end up getting jabbed instead.
2. Keep jabbing despite questions of “Do you know what you’re doing?” and “Shouldn’t you use something other than a screwdriver?”
3. Peel back the outer husk. Have an onlooker pat you on the back; you are making progress!


4. Attempt to pour out the refreshing coconut water. Realize that the said liquid is still safely sealed in the inner seed. Act like you knew that all along.
5. Repeat Step 2.
6. Rejoice as the screwdriver sinks to the handle into the inner seed. Make a note to tend to blisters on your hand later.
7. Pour coconut water into your drinking vessel of choice. Build expectations of how wildly refreshing the first taste will be.


DSC052448. Enjoy!
DSC05246 DSC05247 DSC05248



6 thoughts on “The Gentle Art of Breaking Coconuts

  1. Hilarious! I love their faces at the end.
    Things to know: small coconuts like the ones on the picture are best for meat, young coconuts (the bigger green coconuts) are best for water. Meaning, the brown one has little water and more meat, and the green one has a ton more water and much less meat.

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