¡Hola, Ola! (Hello Wave!)


Over the course of two years of travel, we have worked hard to develop a pretty flexible routine that allows us to keep some semblance of work, school, sleep, and food normalcy as we pack up and go every month or so. As we arrived this week in Playa del Carmen, however, we’ve had to seriously rethink our normal routine. The reason being that our rental for the month is just a few short minutes from the beach by foot, and it is part of a condo complex with its own swimming pool. The call of the waves and water have made us all want to throw our routine out the window.



As if the draw of the ocean itself wasn’t reason enough for the kids to want more beach time, they discovered two boogie boards in the apartment closet the first day that we arrived. Since then Five of Hearts and Five Ball are all about boogie boarding. They would happily spend all day riding the waves, and we have to literally drag them out of the water each day. As parents we know that balance is key, since sunburned, exhausted children do not make for a happy family. However, it is hard to say no to more beach time, and since we are only here for the month we are trying to take advantage of swim time while we can get it.





So, for now we are basing our daily routine around the water and spending a little less time cooking big meals (sandwiches anyone?), and more in-depth home school lessons (practicing multiplication facts and spelling words is so much more fun while jumping waves!). As we head to a cooler and darker climate in a few short weeks we know that we have to take advantage of this amazing beach experience while we can. We have no doubt that our memories of our time here will remain long after we leave Mexico. And with the inevitable wipe outs we’ve all experienced in the waves, so will the sand hiding deep in our swim apparel.



9 thoughts on “¡Hola, Ola! (Hello Wave!)

    • We’re definitely trying to soak up every minute we can. Truth be told though, we are looking forward to a break from the heat when we head to Europe in a few weeks 🙂

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