Rome After Hours: Piazza di San Giovanni


Palazzo Laterano, the official residence of the Popes until 1870.


Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, built in the 4th century and famous for its relics of Christ’s cross


A view of Piazza di San Giovanni and the Lateran Obelisk


Lateran Obelisk (Obelisk of Tuthmosis III), tallest surviving obelisk in the world at 32.18 metres (105.5 feet). Weights about 230 tons.


Latin inscription tells how the obelisk was dragged in pieces from the Circus Maximus by Sixtux V.


Hieroglyphs tell how the obelisk was quarried in Aswan during reign of Tuthmosis III. It was the only single obelisk (obelisks were usually made in pairs) ever erected at the Karnak Temple.


Enjoying our first Italian gelato.


6 thoughts on “Rome After Hours: Piazza di San Giovanni

    • Grazie! Speriamo di vedervi presto 🙂

      That’s about it for our Italian. Thanks so much for the gelaterie tips, and keep us posted if and when you may be making your way across Italy!

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