Black Cats, Scary Good Tiramisu, and Other Halloween Highlights


Starting the day with Halloween cards made by Nana Five and Nana Banana.

For our Halloween in Rome, the Younger Fives took the lead to plan our day. Each chose a different destination, and we made plenty of noise to ward of bad spirits by pounding the pavement from the Colosseum north to Largo di Torre Argentina, Piazza Navona, The Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, and finally Piazza Barberini. It’s a good thing the only Trick-or-Treating we did was virtual fundraising for UNICEF; otherwise, we never could have made it the whole way with loot in tow!

High Five’s Destination: Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary


Cats have free reign over these ancient ruins.


How can black cats be bad luck when they are so cute and cuddly?

How can black cats be bad luck when they are so cute and cuddly?


Five of Heart’s Destination: Vegan Tiramisu at Universo Vegano (Piazzo di Paradiso)


Tiramisu beats candy any day!



The kids’ third tiramisu was the most memorable as it was given to us on the house as we left the restaurant. They wasted no time digging right in!


Five Ball’s Destination: Piazza Navona


All the running water gave us a fright as there was no public bathroom in sight!

DSC05608-picsay DSC05614-picsay


Other stops along the way – The Pantheon, Piazza Colonna, and Piazza Barberini
DSC05615-picsay DSC05616-picsay DSC05624-picsay DSC05628-picsay DSC05636-picsay

9 thoughts on “Black Cats, Scary Good Tiramisu, and Other Halloween Highlights

  1. Wow! Amazing architectures. Love the pictures, especially the one with Erin, kids, and Nana. Looks like they love having Nana exploring with them. Enjoy and travel safe.
    PS: tirimasu looks delicious.

    • Thanks so much for the kind words 🙂 Very interesting to hear the tradition in Peru. Halloween didn’t seem to be too big in Rome at least; we didn’t see much in the way of costumes or trick-or-treating. The two days after are the major holidays (All Saints Day), when people visit their families and the graves of loved ones.

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