Biking Bliss in Lucca


After settling into our new rental for the next two months, we’ve been asked several times, “Why Lucca?” Aside from its surprising concentration of playgrounds (a rarity in Italy), its Renaissance walls (2.6 miles around) have been converted into a paved pedestrian-only biking and walking path. We had a wonderful two months biking in Prince Edward Island last year, so the thought of having access to a place on par with the Confederation Trail was too good to pass up.


Not surprisingly, there are a lot of bike rental shops in town to choose from (open even in the off-season). After looking through others’ experiences on TripAdvisor, we decided on Tourist Center Lucca. Their glowing reviews are definitely well-earned. They were super friendly in setting up a two month rental for us, and as they are a pretty large operation they have quite a lot of bikes to choose from. When we arrived on our first day in Lucca, they had the perfect bikes waiting for us (including a pink bike for Five of Hearts), and the staff really took the time to ensure everything was tightened on the bike and that the seats were adjusted to the proper height.




Biking on the wall each day has been purely magical. Lucca is beautiful on its own, but gliding underneath the elm trees, the autumn sun illuminating their golden leaves, is a truly unforgettable experience. The big biking news for us, though, is that Five Ball is now officially riding without training wheels! He tried it out a little last year in PEI, and it must be true that you never forget how to ride a bike. After a day of practice in Lucca, he was cruising the walls like a pro.

DSC06033-picsay DSC06027-picsay DSC06031-picsay

We couldn’t be happier that our typical morning walk routine has now been replaced with a morning bike ride while here in Lucca. The circular route is the perfect length for little legs (even High Five can manage on his own with training wheels), and we’re just about ready to try out two times around instead of one. We know our time in Lucca can’t last forever, but we’re grateful to be Fives on the Pedal once again, if only for a little while.



6 thoughts on “Biking Bliss in Lucca

    • We hope you have a great time biking with Z; for us there are few things better than pedaling as a family. We hope you have a wonderful holidays (yes, perhaps a bit early for holiday wishes)!

    • Wow, we didn’t know that! The path seems busy enough as it is with walkers, bikers, and the occasional car. We can’t imagine have a steady stream of traffic up there too 🙂

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