6 Year Old in Action

Six is big! Like two hands needed to tell your new age big. So, obviously as we celebrated Five Ball’s sixth birthday this past Thursday we had a very big day. From biking to bouncing balloons the day was filled with lots of action and many smiles.


Balloons! Green of course.


Biking around the wall at a furious pace.


Facing down lions.


Jumping from swings.


Reading all the birthday cards without any help.

In the evening as Five Ball blew out his six birthday candles we couldn’t help but notice that it took him several tries to get them all out. We just figured that he was tired, but as we tucked him into bed that night he explained that he just couldn’t stop smiling long enough to get out a really good burst of air. Even though it was his birthday we couldn’t have asked for a better present. Seeing our new six year old absolutely giddy with happiness is a gift that we will cherish forever.



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