A Holiday Happy Birthday

Five of Hearts is a Christmas baby and super proud of it! In fact she has always harbored a secret hope that she is somehow related to Santa. Her dream come true would be to live at the North Pole decorating cookies, hanging ornaments, and singing Christmas carols all year long. We as her family are so very glad that we don’t have to share her with Santa and the elves, and instead get to be with her year-round. She is our very cherished piece of Christmas magic and we all delight in her so much. She lights up every room and makes every day brighter with her generous nature, huge heart, and love of life.

As a Christmas baby she never complains about sharing her birthday. Instead she happily enjoys Christmas and then the next day lets the celebration of her birth begin. As she turned eight this year her father and I were very excited that she wanted to spend a special birthday evening with just us. So, after celebrating with her brothers all day she spent the evening snuggled up with us on the couch watching Chocolat. Five of Hearts adores chocolate as well as Johnny Depp, so she couldn’t have picked a better movie. Being in Lucca where they sell really good vegan chocolate (we stocked up) made the entire evening perfect.


Five of Hearts has made Christmas infinitely more wonderful since she came into our lives, and we all hope that Santa understands if he ever wants her to join him at the North Pole he’ll have to take us along as well.


6 thoughts on “A Holiday Happy Birthday

  1. Happy birthday to one beautiful little lady. We hope you are enjoying all the vegan chocolate under the sun and getting your fill of all the fun bike rides Lucca has to offer. We miss you and your family very much and we wish you safe and pleasant travels to your next exciting home in Croatia!!! xoxoxo

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