A Palace of a City

DSC06608 (480x640)

Sunset over the Adriatic Sea. The camera was packed away this morning so we missed the sunrise shot as our ferry arrived in port.

After a long two days of travel we finally arrived in Split, Croatia early this morning. We disembarked from our ferry just in time to see a gorgeous sunrise reflecting off of Diocletian’s Palace. The views of the Adriatic Sea, palm trees, and the magnificent palace had all us all stunned, and very glad that we decided to spend a month exploring the city of Split.

DSC06606 (480x640)

Our monthly rental is just a couple of minutes by foot to the palace and the Younger Fives were so happy to find out that the closest grocery stores were actually inside the palace walls.

DSC06610 (480x640)

This evening we all had a blast exploring the many twists and turns inside the palace complex, coming across statues of Egyptian Sphinx as well as stores and even modern day apartments.

DSC06602 (640x480)

The network of buildings and streets that make up this former palace of Roman emperor Diocletian (built in 4th Century AD) is so massive that we will have our work cut out for us over the next month trying to explore it all.

DSC06605 (480x640)

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