The Best Souvenirs

DSC06240-picsayBefore we get too far into the new year and our adventures in Croatia we wanted to share an amazing find from our trip to Venice, Italy. While exploring the streets along the canals of Venice we found ourselves surrounded by shops selling magnificently decorated masks. Venice has a long history of masks which were worn during the celebration of Carnival, but also at other times of the year to hide identity or social status.


While we usually don’t buy souvenirs (they take up too much space in our luggage) we couldn’t resist leaving Venice with masks of our own. We were overjoyed to discover that most shops sold undercoated masks for only 1 or 2 Euros. These masks are an unbelievable bargain compared to any other souvenir that we have come across, and they are amazingly well constructed. They tie with beautiful ribbons and don’t break after being dropped multiple times onto hard surfaces (the kids had fun testing that out).

DSC06553-picsay DSC06552-picsay

Once we returned home we saved the decorating of our masks for New Year’s Eve. It made the perfect activity leading up to the late night festivities. Once all the masks were decorated (we used markers, but paints, glitter, stickers or even fabric would work as well) we tied them on had great fun pretending that our New Year’s Eve party was actually a masked gala at the palace in Venice 🙂

DSC06550-picsay DSC06561-picsay DSC06556-picsay


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