Down By the Sea

Just about a 10 minute walk east of Diocletian’s Palace in Split, Croatia you will find a few city beaches including Bačvice beach. While these swimming areas are in no way the most scenic or natural that we have come across in our travels, we really enjoyed exploring this pedestrian area along the water. DSC06695-picsayThe parks and beaches that make up the pedestrian thoroughfare start just after the ferry terminals and run for about a kilometer along the water. Along the way you will find some grassy parks such as Park Pomoraca, as well as sand beaches, waterfront cafes, and concrete seawalls which offer ladder access for swimmers to enter the water. There are also lifeguard stations and shower areas open during the warmer months. DSC06721-picsay DSC06724-picsayThe other day we started at the far end (near Split’s tennis club) and worked our way back towards the old town in an effort to find the best seaside boulders or rock outcroppings. The Younger Fives were hankering for some coastal rock climbing like they used to do in Maine, Newfoundland, and  Bahia Asuncion. While they didn’t find quite the same level of rugged coastline here in Split, they did find a few spots that kept them happy. They especially enjoyed watching several hardy souls take an afternoon dip in the Adriatic even though the temperature was barely in the low 50’s.DSC06705-picsayBesides swimmers and lots of frolicking dogs it was fun to stop and watch several beach side ball games including Split’s famous game of Picigin. This game of trying to keep a small rubber ball aloft with just your hands actually originated at Bačvice beach. Our favorite find of the day however, was a set of steep rock stairs leading down from Park Pomoraca. At the bottom of the stairs we found a secluded area right along the water where the kids could scramble and we could lay back and soak up some sun. DSC06728-picsay DSC06726-picsay


2 thoughts on “Down By the Sea

  1. I am so enjoying reading and following your family’s great adventures. The children are beautiful and seem so happy. Love to all

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