Train Odyssey

Tomorrow we are embarking on an epic journey through Europe via rail. Over the next 15 days we will travel to 12 countries and visit over 15 different cities. This is either going to be the best adventure ever, or one very long trip.



So, why are we doing this? Well before the New Year we decided as a family that we were ready to return to the United States and resume our exploration of the National Parks. While Europe has been great, we have all missed having a vehicle that can get us away from the crowds and into nature. We found a really great deal on a direct flight leaving Frankfurt, Germany at the end of February. However, we still had a few destinations left in Europe that we really wanted to visit. Specifically we promised Five of Hearts that we would not leave until we visited Athens, Greece. Unfortunately, traveling around Europe with a family of 5 can get quite pricey, and we started to wonder if we would just need to head straight to Germany and forget the rest. That was until we read online that starting in 2015 kids would travel free with a paying adult on most Eurail passes. So, for the price of only 2 adult Global Passes we can take unlimited train rides throughout much of Europe for 15 days.


It took a good month of planning before we were able to work out where we would go during our 15 days, and what we would see. However, after many drafts we finally came up with an itinerary that has us almost constantly on the move for 15 days, but that fits in almost every place that we wanted to visit before we fly back to Las Vegas.


In home school the other day the kids each mapped out our route, and then we all sat back and laughed at how insane it looked. It is honestly the most out of the way route that one could design to get from Croatia to Germany, and it reminded the kids a lot of Odysseus’ journey home to Ithaca after the Trojan War. Hopefully our trip won’t be nearly as deadly and we won’t incur the wrath of the Gods along the way 🙂




8 thoughts on “Train Odyssey

  1. Good luck on the next leg of your adventure. We wish we were going with you. Please give your beautiful kids a big hug and a kiss from all of us. We love you and miss you very much.

    • Thanks, and we sure will. We’re a little nervous, but mostly excited for the train journey and eventually heading back to the US for a longer stretch. Be sure to keep us posted when your travels might bring you back to the West Coast 🙂

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