Train Odyssey Day 9: Beautiful Budapest

There’s no doubt about it: Hungary’s capital is quite the charmer. From the first moment we stepped off the train in Budapest’s Keleti Station, we couldn’t help stopping to admire the the ornate columns and paintings surrounding us. And things only got better from there. Every block leading from the train station in Pest to the bridge crossing the Danube had fascinating buildings and lifelike stone sculptures to admire . Once over on the hilly Buda side of town, we marveled at Castle Hill, the views of the Hungarian Parlament building, and the breathtaking St. Matthias Church. Then to top off a wonderful day,we savored every bite of our meal at plant-based Napfenyes Etterem, which would have tasted amazing even if we hadn’t had several days of meals bought in grocery stores and eaten on trains or in city parks. No matter how the day had turned out Five String would have been smitten with Budapest (he has been talking up his Hungarian heritage and childhood dream to visit the city to anyone who would listen for years now), but in the end all the Fives were truly impressed by this Darling of the Danube.

Keleti Station




Castle Hill




St. Matthias Church


Napfenyes Etterem



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