Train Odyssey Day 10: City of Music


Vienna, Austria has so much to see. From sprawling palaces, to the gorgeous buildings of the Ringstrasse, it would take a good part of a week to take it all in. However, we knew ahead of time that the kids wouldn’t be up for a long day of walking around looking at the architecture of buildings. So, we were excited when we read that Vienna’s Haus der Musik was a very kid friendly place. We had also studied Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute and read the Magic Tree House Moonlight on the Magic Flute, so Vienna seemed like a great place to learn more about one of Austria’s greatest composers and about music in general.


We also made good use of the city’s efficient public transportation to see more of Vienna’s sites. The daily pass got us everywhere we wanted to go (kids under 6 don’t need a ticket), and we enjoyed taking in all the beautiful buildings from the comfort of the Tram 1 and Tram 2 lines that circle the Ringstrasse. Finally, we took the underground line to Schönbrunn Palace, the Hapsburg’s summer residence and setting of much of the action in Moonlight on the Magic Flute. While there was much of Vienna we didn’t get to see during our time here, we can definitely now appreciate why Vienna is called the “City of Music.”


5 thoughts on “Train Odyssey Day 10: City of Music

  1. You guys are AWESOME!!!! Emy, Ollie, Kendley and I keep marveling at all that you have been able to see in just 10 days. We loved the music museum in Vienna as well. We miss you and love you all very much.

    • Thanks 🙂 I’m not sure if we could keep this up for more than 2 weeks, but we’re definitely trying to make the most of the passes. We are eager to take some time to read over your latest post and respond as a family, but our internet connections have been limited and we’re trying to keep up with our normal workload. It may be a little ways away, but we’re eager to catch up with everything you’re doing too!

  2. This museum looks like a lot of fun! Our favourite ones are those that have ‘hands on’ interactive displays for the kids. Our youngest is also enjoying the Magic Treehouse series, and we have also found them a useful resource for learning about things encountered on our travels.

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