Pi Day



This past Saturday (3/14/15) we took a day to recognize a true unsung hero, a shining example of perfection in an otherwise flawed world. We are talking, of course, about the circle, and this Pi Day was especially memorable as not only the day and month matched the digits of pi, but the year did as well.

DSC08563 DSC08572 DSC08569 DSC08574


We started by turning sheets of paper into squares, and then using our “radius squares” to construct a circle. The kids puzzled for a while about how to get the 4 squares down to 3.14 squares (based on the area which equals pi r squared), but then we devised a way to use string and a pencil to draw the outline of the circle and cut away the extra. We then decorated each piece and put it all back together to make one photogenic circle.

DSC08589 DSC08592

Next, we headed outside for a very scholarly exploration of how the circumference of a circle works (spinning around wildly with a dog leash). Each Five had a chance to be the unmoving “center” while another Five spun around them in a circle, traveling the distance of the circumference. We then used a white stake and the leash to see how far we traveled spinning once around. Once we doubled the leash, it was again just 3.14 lengths before we found the right distance.

DSC08597 DSC08599

Five Spice also used the occasion to cook up some inspired Pi Day treats. She recreated a vegan pizza we enjoyed in Sofia, Bulgaria last month (who knew pickles on pizza could taste so good?) and also created a Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie that was quite the hit. By the end of the meal, we all agreed that pi had never tasted so good!


We wrapped up our memorable Pi Day with some pi art. We started with Pi Pictures, incorporating pi (or sometimes just pie) into the image. We also took inspiration from real pi authors like Michael Keith who write using word lengths that represent the digits of pi. Our Pi Poems cut off quite a bit, but they are accurate to 3.14159265359:
The X made a giant commotion to hinder every bed that’s available.
And I find a large houseboat in choppy water; dry, empty, welcoming.

While we don’t expect next year’s Pi Day to be quite so pi-tastic (it will be 3/14/16 after all), this is surely a tradition we will carry forward. We may even be tempted to celebrate when there are just 314 days to go until March 14th of next year 🙂


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