Spring Is in the Air


With the temperature here in Wyoming regularly climbing into the 60’s, it is definitely feeling like spring. To celebrate the official start of spring yesterday, we planned a trip to one of our favorite spring sites, Lava Hot Springs in Eastern Idaho.


Since we last visited a year and a half ago, the town’s wonderful outdoor spa complex has been our “happy place” whenever we are chilled to the bone (such as when we spent the night on an unheated, overnight train from Serbia to Greece as part of our Eurail adventure). Lava Hot Springs is still as wonderful as we remembered, and the 90 minute drive from Star Valley was a small price to pay for a day of relaxing in the numerous, naturally mineral-rich pools.

DSC08628 DSC08626

We started with soaking in the “cold” pool (102 degrees), and gradually worked our way up in temperature from there. This time around, the kids proved more adventurous with the largest and hottest pool at the far end of the complex. Instead of just dipping their toes, they all took the plunge into the 112 degree waters. We managed to stay in for a little while, long enough to admire the views and signs of spring all around us.

DSC08621 DSC08616 DSC08631

As always, our day flew by, and we decided not to stick around after dark to soak under the stars (though it was a tempting thought). As we left Lava Hot Springs we had one last spring surprise. Driving through the next town east, Soda Springs, Five of Hearts spotted a giant jet of water rising above one of the buildings downtown. We pulled into the parking lot behind Main Street to investigate and arrived just in time to catch the end of the hourly eruption of the carbonated springs. It was yet another sign that….wait for it…..spring is in the air 🙂


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