To Market, To Market Day


If you could design and sell a product, what would it be? This is the very question the Younger Fives pondered this week to get ready for Market Day, a wonderful get-together organized by the Star Valley Home Educators. In order to participate, each Five needed to make a product that could be sold for $1 or $2 (fake money), create a sign explaining the product and price, and prepare a few words to introduce the product to the other participating kids.



High Five had his heart set on making chocolate cupcakes, so he and Five Spice worked out a recipe that avoided ingredients he is allergic to, dairy and eggs. His Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes turned out great; the hardest part was waiting until Market Day to try them out.


Five Ball wanted to make his own silly putty, so we found an easy-to-use recipe that called for only glue, borax, and optional food coloring. All the kids were amazed to see the glue thicken into “Party Putty” (Five Ball’s name for his product), and this gave us a chance later on to look at the underlying science through a Ted-Ed video on polymers.




Five of Hearts took a craftier approach and found inspiration from an Easter Pencil Toppers craft to make her Spring Pencil Toppers. In no time at all packages of colored pipe cleaners transformed into ducks, carrots, rabbits, and butterflies. The final touch was a colored eraser top, and her pencils were ready for sale.






All in all, Market Day was a huge success. It was quite impressive to see dozens of other homeschooling families come together from all across Star Valley, and all the participants did a great job promoting and selling their products. Of course, selling was only half the fun, and the kids all took turns getting to buy the products the other kids made. From kettle corn and lollipops to face painting and homemade lip balm, the variety of products and services was almost overwhelming. We couldn’t have been happier to return home with some new toys and, best of all, having made some new friends.


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