Sand Bucket Challenge

With California’s drought and the historically warm winter making headlines, we received an e-mail yesterday from Change the Course, which works to restore water to the Colorado River through encouraging people and businesses to reduce their water footprints. The e-mail was about a recent Daily Show clip joking that in California those wanting to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge will now need to use sand instead of ice. Change the Course thought this was a great opportunity to raise awareness about water use and its impact on the Colorado River, so they started up the Sand Bucket Challenge.

Here in Western Wyoming, it’s been the 2nd warmest winter on record, and snow that would usually be feeding the Green River, the Colorado’s largest tributary, has been gone since the first week of March. We decided to take the Sand Bucket Challenge ourselves and share our story. Wherever you are, and no matter how climate change is impacting your community, we encourage you to do the same 🙂


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