An Elevated Easter


Is there such a thing as the Easter Elk? While we can’t say for sure, we certainly found lots of Easter cheer as we spent the day out and about in the Jackson Hole area and Grand Teton National Park.



We started our Easter adventure at the National Elk Refuge, a spot where elk and other wildlife winter before heading for higher elevation when the heat sets in. While the elk were far away from the dirt road that winds through the backside of the refuge, there were plenty of bighorn sheep, ground squirrels, and waterfowl to spot.




DSC08756We next headed into Grand Teton National Park. The Teton Park Road along Jenny Lake and other sites doesn’t open until May, but Route 89 is open year-round and provides access to Jackson Lake and the border with Yellowstone. We had originally planned to hike part of the family-friendly Hermitage Point Trail that starts at Colter Bay and follows the shoreline of Jackson Lake past some smaller lakes and ponds. However, the lure of sledding under the lodgepole pines was too great. We found a nice spot to picnic at the shores of the still-frozen lake and caught occasional glimpses of the Teton Range as the clouds swirled around them.


DSC08763DSC08771DSC08775Driving back south through the park back to Jackson, we stopped to take in the views from the Snake River overlook, watch some munching moose, and explore the Craig Thomas Discovery Center. This visitor’s center is very well done, and there were lots of hands-on activities teaching all about the local plants and animals, as well as the unique glacier activity that sculpted the mountains to rise so dramatically directly from the valley floor. The Discovery Center was also in holiday mode, and an inspired snowshoe hare had hidden eggs throughout the building earlier that morning. Although we never were able to uncover any of the eggs, we can certainly say Easter and outdoor spirit abound when you spend the day high above sea level.

2 thoughts on “An Elevated Easter

  1. You must have loved this area. Joe and I visited last year and it was one of the greatest vacations we have had.

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