Dinosaurs Galore, and So Much More: A Day at Dinosaur National Monument


There’s nothing like that feeling you get when you touch a dinosaur bone that’s millions of years old.


Allosaurus…glad this carnivore was not after us.


Touch screens let you zoom in and learn more about the fossils found in this massive deposit.

DSC08968 DSC08960 DSC08962 DSC08963


High Five’s finger was pointing for quite a while, trying to keep up with all the dinosaur bones.



Camping along the Green River inside the park.


DSC08952 DSC08956 DSC08955


Cactus in bloom along the river.



The strange sight of a ground squirrel attacking a gopher snake, who may have gotten a little too close to this mother’s nest.

Final Note: The fossils are located at Quarry Hall, just above the Visitor’s Center at the entrance coming from Jensen, Utah. There is a separate entrance to the Monument from Dinosaur, Colorado, but contrary to its name there are no fossils accessible from that entrance.

2 thoughts on “Dinosaurs Galore, and So Much More: A Day at Dinosaur National Monument

    • Dinosaur National Monument is definitely the place to do it 🙂 The sheer size of the wall (an excavated stream bank) is impressive enough as it is, but the fact that you can actually touch some of the fossils was an unexpected surprise!

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