Settling Into the Children’s Forest



After a few weeks of camping and taking care of doctor’s / dentist’s appointments in Las Vegas, we are now officially settled into our rental in the San Bernardino National Forest for the summer. The Younger Fives are excited to spend the next several months taking gymnastics, acting, and soccer classes as well as hiking the many trails in the area.

DSC09155Even more exciting, we were delighted to discover we are living practically next door to The National Children’s Forest, a 3,4000-acre forest replanted, trailed and signed with the help of children after the 1970 Big Bear Fire. The trails are very kid-friendly and provide opportunities to examine enormous pine cones (including the largest in the world from the Coulter Pine) and climb lots of interesting boulders.

We’ve rearranged our work and homeschool schedule to give us a chance to explore just about every afternoon, so we’re eager to spend much of our daylight hours out and about in the forest. By the end of the summer, we might just be able to identify all the pine cones and types of rock we’ve seen in our first week here 🙂


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