A Dip in the Swimming Hole


We’d heard hints of some good places to swim around our rental for the summer, but we had little success in uncovering the details of how to actually get there. The other day though luck was on our side, and a stroll down a dirt road in our neighborhood led us into the National Forest, and a trail chosen at random took us past a lovely swimming hole, cold and clear.

DSC09340 DSC09342 DSC09344 DSC09345

Now that the secret was out, we found ourselves splashing around every chance we got. After breakfast, after lunch, even after dinner…it didn’t really matter. We also raided our local dollar store to buy anything water-related we could get our hands on.

DSC09347 DSC09350 DSC09352 DSC09353

A week has passed, and thankfully we have found some balance and are now making time for some activities best suited for OUT of the water. Our local librarians likely would have frowned upon us reading while submerged up to our knees, and believe me, we were tempted. While this might not be THE swimming hole, for us it’s everything we were hoping for 🙂


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