Backyard Bouldering


Rock formations abound here in the San Bernardino National Forest. Just about anywhere we go, we see inviting outcroppings and boulders, and we’ve made it a priority during our time here to climb as many of them as possible. We’ve been eyeing one imposing formation near out rental, visible from our daily walks and trips to the swimming hole, for quite a while now. The other day we finally decided to see if we could find a path to the top.

DSC09519 DSC09507 DSC09509An old forest road led past the base of the slope, but from there the only trails were those of our own invention. The hillside and rocks themselves are covered in a layer of loose sand, gravel and sticks, which makes the climb a bit more challenging. Hand-holding definitely works well, especially for High Five, but as we gained elevation more large rocks poked through and we got better footing. A large tangle of felled trees added to the variety, and we found ourselves climbing over and under the branches to reach the next stretch of rock above.

DSC09510 DSC09515 DSC09512After a few slips and tight squeezes, we soon reached our destination and stopped to admire the view. We could see our house and the swimming hole, as well as the local fire station (the red building in the middle of the above picture) and Keller Peak rising above on the right. Everything was so peaceful and quiet, especially the ant-sized cars we saw on Route 18 that are usually a loud rumble for most of the day and night, especially on weekends.


The hike back down went smoothly, and we successfully detoured some of trickier spots we encountered on the way up. Towards the bottom the Younger Fives tired of stumbling in the loose gravel, so they wisely resorted to sliding down on their bottoms. Before we knew it we were on a marked trail yet again, and enjoyed a leisurely (and fall free) walk back home.



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