Days of Pine and Roses


The signs are many that autumn is almost upon us, and the time seems right for a summer nostalgia post. We could dwell on our many walks past Coulter pines and desert roses to the swimming hole that is now dry; or we could describe the hint of chill in the air as we take our afternoon walks; but instead we’ll just highlight some of the flowers we came across during our summer in Southern California.

DSC09394 DSC09393 DSC09557 DSC09405

The last of the summer flowers also inspired an art project in homeschool this week. Five Spice had the excellent idea to use flowers as brushes and have everyone create pictures that incorporated petals and paint. And if we find ourselves pining for summer in the coming weeks, there’s always Coulter cone prints for an art class assignment 🙂

DSC09623 DSC09621 DSC09622 DSC09624

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