A September Swim, or Fun with Logs, Sticks, and Stones


We’ve been in central Oregon a little over a week now and have been surprised to feel temperatures climbing up into the 80s almost daily. Not ready to let go of summer quite yet, we’ve been making regular trips to Waldo Lake, one of the clearest lakes in the world as it has no permanent inlet to bring nutrients into the lake and allow for plant growth. Situated in the Willamette National Forest and closed to motorized boats, the lake is also know for its peace and serenity. I’m sure the lake didn’t feel that way though on the days we visited, as we’re not the quietest bunch. Factor in the stones skipped, the slippery sticks tiptoed across and fallen off of, and the logs set adrift, and I’d wager we could be heard just about anywhere on this 9.8 square mile lake. Hopefully, we won’t find ourselves on the restrictions list the next time we visit 🙂

DSC09834 DSC09835 DSC09843 DSC09839 DSC09840

DSC09852 DSC09860 DSC09856 DSC09857 DSC09861


4 thoughts on “A September Swim, or Fun with Logs, Sticks, and Stones

    • It’s about the same distance from our rental for the month (depending on how long we wait to get through the tunnel on Route 58). Having come from 4 months in Southern California, seeing that much water is spectacular 🙂 We wish we had a canoe or kayaks to explore it further!

      • PS. If you find yourself in Eugene on a Saturday, visit the farmer’s market on 8th, across from Saturday market. Sorry we’re on the road, but would meet you there myself. Happy travels.

      • Thanks for the tip, and we are planning a trip to the Saturday market. We’ve been on Tuesday after our chores in town and are eager to replenish our store of pears and kale 🙂 Safe travels!

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