Skimboard City


Skimboarding is a popular pastime here on Vancouver Island, and Parksville in particular is building a reputation as a hub for the sport. Its long, wide tide pools play host to a variety of skimboarders of all levels, from teens participating in a day camp to professionals visiting for the OSBC Pro-Am Skimboard Competition. After snatching up a skimboard we found at our local second-hand shop, we thought it was the perfect time to ride the tide pools ourselves.

DSC00307 DSC00325 DSC00311DSC00314DSC00330

There might not be many advantages to skimboarding during the winter months, but one is that we had Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park to ourselves and didn’t have to contend with others for the best spots in the tide pools and along the water’s edge. Rain gear and rubber boots were a must, but they also gave some extra padding in the case of the inevitable fall.

DSC00339 DSC00331 DSC00340

We managed to remain mostly dry in the end, and despite some numb hands and feet we stayed out in the sun to enjoy the beach’s other bounty, driftwood. All in all, we found skimboarding to be a perfect family activity that provided all of us with a fun challenge. If the fleece lining of our boots ever dry out, we might even give it a try again before the warmer weather arrives 🙂


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