Portage to the Past in Great Falls


With Nana Five in for a visit, we decided to make our first trip north to Great Falls. We focused on three sites along the Missouri River, but that was plenty to keep us busy all day long. The Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center was packed with information and activities; the kids got a first-hand taste of life in the Corps of Discovery and then spent hours inside the massive interpretive center following the path the party took and working through the activities in the Junior Ranger-esque Forest Service Packet. From there we picnicked just down the road at Giant Springs State Park and enjoyed the cool breeze blowing off of the 54 degree spring water. The spring serves as the headwaters of the Roe River, one of the world’s shortest at only 200 feet. Finally, we backtracked and headed over to the north bank of the Missouri to see Ryan Dam, the site of the Great Falls which gives the city its name. The best views are from Ryan Island, connected to the shore by a suspension bridge. After a day of learning about the epic portage around the falls, it was fun to end our trip with a use of rope that was way more fun!

Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center


Giant Springs State Park


Great Falls / Ryan Island


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