Summer Snapshots

Gates of the Mountains (near Helena)
DSC01945 DSC01946 DSC01954 DSC01952


Lewis and Clark Caverns (Whitehall)
DSC01958 DSC01962 DSC01977


Missouri River Headwaters (Three Forks)
DSC01987 DSC01988


Thrift Store Finds (Walkman and Paul Simon’s Graceland)
DSC02027 DSC02029


An Ri Ra Montana Irish Festival (Butte)
DSC02038 DSC02040


Flathead Lake (Bigfork)
DSC02082 DSC02085 DSC02089 DSC02088 DSC02086


Garden Delights (Delicious)
DSC01995 DSC01993 DSC01991 DSC02117 DSC02119 DSC02092 DSC02095 DSC02093


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