Our Unexplored Corners of Yellowstone National Park

After driving over the Beartooth Highway last week we decided to spend a few days in Yellowstone National Park. There are still several sections of the park that we haven’t explored in depth and we were eager to see Yellowstone in it’s fall colors.


We arrived at the Northeast entrance of the park and stopped for a picnic breakfast along Soda Butte Creek. The crowds were out in full force near Slough Creek where we spotted wolves on our last visit. However, we were eager to make the drive up past Tower Falls. This section of road has been closed on our last two visits to the park, so we were excited to finally see Mount Washburn and Dunraven Pass up close.


After sight seeing from the road we stopped at the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone to show Five Ball the falls. He was too little to remember our climb down to the lower falls a few years back. On this trip we were excited to find that Uncle Tom’s Trail was open (it was closed due to snow and ice on our last trips). The short but steep trail, complete with a set of 328 stairs, brought us to the base of Lower Falls and gave us an up close look of the canyon.


The rest of our first day in Yellowstone was spent along the shores of Yellowstone Lake where we enjoyed basking in the mild and sunny September weather. From there we were excited to drive by the crowd chaos of the Old Faithful area and head to our lodging in West Yellowstone.


The next day we took route 191 North to a very quite section of the park which lies outside the five main entrances. There are several hikes that start off from this area. We chose the Bacon Rind Trail which heads west through the park towards the Gallatin National Forest. The trail is over 10 miles one way and follows the Bacon Rind Creek. We only went out a few miles and spent the rest of our time playing along the creek as the afternoon temperature rose to 80 degrees.



Although it was one of our quicker forays to Yellowstone National Park we had amazing weather and a spectacular time. Plus it felt great to finally visit a few areas of the park that are usual closed due to weather.



2 thoughts on “Our Unexplored Corners of Yellowstone National Park

  1. Oh how we miss the valleys and sage brush prairies in Yellowstone! Your pics are divine, though when I click on them within the reader for a better look, I get a link error.

    Hope you guys are all well and warm. We are still in the thick of school chores here. Tell Five of Hearts that her letter IS forthcoming! Just needing to carve out computer time. 😀

  2. Thanks for the note about the pics; for some reason it was set to some random link, but we’ve set it back to what it should be. We’ve been finding it hard to put our regular routine into place as of late, so no worries about the response. Hope you all are well!

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