Rake It or Leave It


For weeks we’ve been watching the leaves of Helena’s tree-lined streets bury the city. Each trip out involves crunching through a thick mat of dry leaves and digging out the car from a layer of yellow and green. In rentals past we would have just let the leaves accumulate, knowing we’d be onto a new rental in a few weeks. However, our mid-term (9 month) rental in Helena makes the yard and sidewalk our responsibility, so we decided to mix a little fun into our autumn chores with four easy steps.

Step 1: Rake and Pile

dsc02276 dsc02284


Step 2: Run and Jump
dsc02291 dsc02295 dsc02298 dsc02293 dsc02294


Step 3: Bag and Decorate
dsc02302 dsc02307 dsc02305 dsc02304 dsc02308 dsc02303


Step 4: Rest and Repeat
dsc02299 dsc02300


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