Reaching New Heights at Stonetree Climbing Center


Our final month here in Helena has been a busy one, slowly pairing down and packing up for our move across the Rockies to Lakeside, Montana. We knew we would need something to give us a break from making lists and stocking up on furniture for our new rental (our first unfurnished one in over 4 years), so we decided to get a one-month membership at Stonetree Climbing Center, Helena’s indoor rock gym.

dsc02522 dsc02523 dsc02524 dsc02527 dsc02526 dsc02537

We were all new to indoor rock climbing and couldn’t imagine a more welcoming place to learn. The space provides many options for climbers and non-climbers alike. There is a toddler room, hanging swings and rings, a smaller beginners’ wall, and a main climbing area with routes (indicated by different colored tape) varying in difficulty from novice to expert.

dsc02532 dsc02533 dsc02535 dsc02542

It’s amazing to see the progress we made after climbing just a few days every week. We started off tentatively on the early visits, no one venturing too far off the floor. By the end we were completely comfortable climbing up, down and sideways, and we all had the callouses to prove we had spent some good time on the wall.

dsc02539 dsc02546 dsc02547

Overall, we’ve had a wonderful nine months in Helena and still have only scratched the surface of the great outdoor and cultural resources this perfect-sized city has to offer. While we’re excited for the impressive hiking and paddling options that the Flathead Valley offers, it’s gems like Stonetree Climbing Center that will definitely keep us coming back to Helena to visit again and again.



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