One Cool Cat and One Crazy Clown


High Five turned 6 on Friday and we were all treated to a day of the coolest cat around – Garfield. Little did we know that meant that Binky the Clown would be popping up throughout the day. For those of you who don’t know Binky the Clown watch below for a little introduction.

Binky woke Collin up first thing in the morning with a rousing round of clown aerobics and bad jokes. From there he put on a juggling show, told a great deal many more bad jokes, and helped play pin the nose on Garfield. When the end of the day rolled around and it was time for cake some of us were more than happy to say goodbye to Binky, while the birthday boy wanted him to stick around forever.

Being a Garfield party we made sure to eat lots of lasagna, open presents, and laze about. Too bad every day couldn’t be a Garfield day – minus the annoying clown 🙂



3 thoughts on “One Cool Cat and One Crazy Clown

  1. We had watched Garfield’s Halloween in October, which gave High Five the idea for a visit from Binky (along with the wake up call). Nice to see things Five String and Five Spice enjoyed while kids still stand the test of time 🙂

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