Eat. Sleep. Ski. Repeat!

A top priority on our winter to-do list was getting out to the local ski area to introduce the kids to the sport of downhill skiing. As the winter progressed we kept our eyes out for the perfect day to hit the slopes with beginners (not too cold, not too snowy, etc.) Finally this past week the conditions were near perfect and we piled in the car and up the very steep and windy forest road to Lakeside’s own Blacktail Mountain Ski Area.


Since Five Spice grew up skiing she was excited to teach the kids the basics. However, Five Ball and Five of Hearts had their hearts set on trying snowboarding, so we ended up splitting up with Dad taking the snowboarders for a beginner’s lesson and Mom teaching High Five how to ski.

The snowboarders definitely had their work cut out for them as they tried to master this very difficult sport. From clipping and unclipping bindings by hand, to trying to maneuver around with both feet attached to a pretty heavy board they got a very good workout. By the end of the day they had progressed to the beginner trail, but were thoroughly exhausted from the efforts. In comparison the two that elected to ski felt bad as they zipped around on short, shaped skis that made turning a breeze. Not to mention that they didn’t have to unclip bindings every time they got on or off a lift.


While Five Ball and Five of Hearts were glad that they tried snowboarding their younger brother’s fast and easy success with skiing made them want to try out skiing as well. So, when the next day rolled around we headed back up the mountain for day number two, this time with the whole family on skis. Not surprisingly after braving the slopes on snowboards Five of Hearts and Five Ball were more than prepared to learn skiing and after just one instructional run down the beginner slope they were skiing like pros. The new shaped skis really make turning so much easier!

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With everyone proficient we were able to spend the rest of the day skiing the intermediate trails as a family. It was a lot more fun than the day before and we all had a blast! After a full 6 hours of skiing the kids were ready to ski into the night while mom and dad were ready for bed. Luckily for us old folks the lifts shut down at 4:30 and the kids had no choice but to turn in their skis. They reluctantly got back in the car with promises that we would definitely be adding downhill skiing to our must do winter activities list.


2 thoughts on “Eat. Sleep. Ski. Repeat!

  1. Looked like a fun day. Can’t believe you all ski without poles. Many, may years ago when I skied we used poles. How everything changes!

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