Putting a Face on Global Climate Change

Last summer Five String took part in the Dear Tomorrow Project put together by Jill Kubit and Trisha Shrum. At the time he was asked to write a letter to our children in the future discussing global climate change. Five String wrote to our three children about the over indulgence of our generation and how we were never taught that it would negatively affect future generations. How it is time for us to wake up and do everything that we can today to make sure that our children and their children have access to the clean water, air, and food.

Jill Kubit recently gave a TEDNYC talk entittled Climate Change is Personal in which she reads a bit of what Five String wrote to our children. Watch the below video link to see if you can recognize our family walking through Redwood National and State Parks in California.

Jill’s talk and the Dear Tomorrow Project do a great job of bringing a sense of urgency to global climate change. It is easy to dismiss the weekly news stories about increasing carbon emissions and failed climate treaties. However, when you look at your children, grandchildren, or younger friends and realize that they will be bearing the full consequences it motivates you to make changes today. The next time you decide what to eat, what to wear, how to travel, who to vote for please remember that there is a face to global climate change and it is our children, your children, the youth of this world.


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