Family Fun in Fairlee, Vermont

We recently drove 40 hours across the United States to take part in the ultimate summer activity – August Family Camp hosted by the Hulbert Outdoor Center. Attending summer camp is an amazing experience. Sleeping in tents, swimming in the lake, singing songs and participating in activities with fellow campers. Now add in the joy of doing all of this with your family and you get the magic that makes August Family Camp a return destination for families every year.

The Hulbert Outdoor Center is part of the Aloha Foundation which operates six camps on the shores of Lake Fairlee and Lake Morey in Vermont’s Upper Valley Region. August Family Camp takes place at Camp Aloha and is staffed by counselors from the foundation’s other summer camps including Lanakila, Aloha Hive, and Horizons. The very talented staff come from several different countries and all have a passion for creating a camp community based on fun activities and new experiences.

Our family of five was overjoyed to be part of the August Family Camp community. From the moment that we arrived and settled into our tent we felt welcomed by the counselors and our fellow family campers. Throughout the week we made new friends, had great experiences, and challenged ourselves while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding lake and hills.

While we made many long lasting memories throughout our week at camp there were a few that definitely stand out such as the evening square dance, the ropes course, and learning how to sail. We really loved that Family Camp allowed us to be together, but also provided an environment where the kids could participate in an activity on their own. Five of Hearts could head off to the waterfront and we felt comfortable knowing that a top-notch staff of lifeguards was watching out for her. When we did split up for activity blocks it was always great to come back together at meal times and share our experiences.

Hulbert Outdoor Center’s Family Camps (they also offer a winter family camp) are a rare treat in today’s busy world. Televisions and cell phones are replaced by board games and great conversations as participants of all ages spend the week playing and relaxing with new friends and old. This was one experience that our whole family will agree was worth a 40 hour drive.



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