Enchanted Rose City

Over the past few weeks we’ve enjoyed several outings into Portland, but last night was our first night out in the Rose City. What better way to spend a family night out than seeing Beauty and the Beast downtown? We were thrilled last week to hear we had won tickets through our membership at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, and it was definitely hard waiting for the big night to finally arrive.

After taking in the impressive interior of the Newmark Theater, our outing started in earnest with an incredible backstage tour led by the show’s producer and director Greg Tamblyn. We had a chance to learn some of the show’s secrets firsthand (sorry, we’re sworn to secrecy) as well as meet some of the talented actors and crew.  The tour was a wonderful glimpse into all the hard work it takes to put on a performance of this magnitude, and it really gave us a better appreciation of everything we saw on stage when the curtains finally went up.

Beauty and the Beast was truly a treat and kept us swept up in the story from start to finish. The acting and singing were first rate, the special effects impressive, and the scenery magnificent. Stepping outside after the show felt like waking up from a dream, but as we walked back to catch our train we were pleased to find there was still plenty of magic in the air.


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