Crystal Ballroom

We really enjoy experiencing live music events as a family. Now that we live closer to a big city our chances at catching some great shows has increased. This past Sunday we had the pleasure of listening to some great live music at Portland’s historic Crystal Ballroom during their 104th Birthday Free-For-All.

The Crystal Ballroom opened in 1914 and has a long history of hosting dances and concerts in Portland (including Marvin Gaye, Ike & Tina Turner, and the Grateful Dead). It is now owned by McMenamins and features a brewery, hotel, and concert venue.

The time that we spent at the Crystal Ballroom was very enjoyable. We were able to see the amazing MarchFourth as well as Red Yarn, Moshow The Cat Rapper, and a very funny juggler. We were also able to break out our eighties dance moves at the ’80s Video Dance Attack. Incredibly there was no admission charge, so the entire afternoon and evening were free.

We all agreed that getting a preview of MarchFourth (we have tickets to their upcoming show) was amazing. However, the best part of the evening was dancing to 80’s music videos on the big screen. The wood floor at the Crystal Ballroom is bouncy making dancing even more fun. Finding venues where you can dance with your children is tricky, so having the opportunity to bust out some moves with the kids was amazing. We can’t wait to enjoy more great events at the Crystal Ballroom


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