Meet The Fives

We are a family of five living, loving, and learning on the fly.  Our travels and adventures enrich our lives in so many ways, and we hope that you can take something away from them as well.

Five Things That We Like:

5 String (Dad): Reading, climbing trees, getting overly excited about new ways to bring the family closer together, making mix tapes, and finding wild edibles.

5 Spice (Mom): Reading, cooking, making the kids laugh, watching wildlife, and overly preparing the family for Armageddon.

5 of Hearts (Older Sister): Reading, sewing, creating and editing movies, writing, and fiber arts.

5 Ball (Middle Brother): Reading, climbing trees, Dungeons and Dragons, playing tennis, and building amazing domino creations.

High 5 (Younger Brother): Reading, creating art, writing D&D modules, running obstacle courses, and deciding what music we listen to in the car.

Contact Information –

You can also send us a message via our pages on Twitter or Facebook, or by leaving a comment on this page.


21 thoughts on “Meet The Fives

  1. Hi Everyone – this is so exciting getting to send you a message, I hope you all have a wonderful adventure and see lots of exciting sites. You will have lots of stories and memories to share with us. We will have to plan a campfire when you get back. I will make sure that I have marshmallows. Safe travels, we love you.

  2. It’s nice to meet you and read about your adventures.. do you travel full time or head out when you can? It’s nice to see another family of 5 traveling like we are..

  3. Sounds like such an adventure for all of you. I do not know where Route 1 tracks but Heather/family are camping in Ocean City MD until Fri so if you pass by there, give her a shout. Due to storms and leaky tents, they upgraded to an RV but it is in a campground. Hope to see you in the fall when you return.

    • Glad to have you following us. Unfortunately Route 1 misses the Maryland coast but hopefully we can catch up with them for a visit another time. By the way we are loving the PeaPods. Thank you for letting us know about them. Hope to see you soon.

  4. Hi Guys~bought PeaPod for grandson! great idea…love this blog—–looks like a book is next I hope.Joan glad you told them about PeaPods~~

  5. Good Luck to all five of you . We love following your Blog! Keep them coming! Give the kids a big HUG for us. Love, Grandmom and Grandpop.

    • Thanks for the warm wishes. We will make sure to send along your hugs to the kids. We hope that you are both well and we can’t wait to catch up in person soon.

  6. Thank you for stopping by and liking our Italy posts! We love it there and I am sure you guys will too! Really happy to have discovered your blog too, you combine my two passions – travel and nature- makes it so enjoyable to read 🙂 look forward to following your journeys, all the best for your travels!

  7. I am so glad to meet 5 Fly 🙂 Thank you so much for the follow on my blog. Loved the family picture and description for all. I am sure to follow you on your travel journey and will be happy to read your travel tales. I am sure a lot of joy awaiting for you guys. Keep in touch.

    Much Love

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