Rocketing Into 2018!

We had a very exciting afternoon trying out one of High Five’s Christmas gifts. We hope that your New Year is off to an exhilarating start as well.


Elegantly Eleven

Five of Heart’s turned eleven yesterday, but chose to celebrate her birthday today. This year she decided she wanted to get dressed up and visit one of the many wonderful restaurants in Portland. The first part of her birthday present came earlier last week when we paid a special visit to our local thrift store to search through the eclectic collection of clothes, shoes, and accessories for a fabulous new outfit. She ended up leaving the store with enough clothes for several outfits (thrift store prices are the best!) plus one extra fancy ensemble for her special day.

Five of Hearts then spent several hours doing research online to select the perfect birthday restaurant. With so many vegan friendly restaurants in the area it was a daunting task (they all sound so good). However, after reading hundreds of reviews and perusing several menus Five of Hearts selected KaTi Portland.

It turns out that all that research paid off big time as we had a fabulous lunch at KaTi Portland. The atmosphere was perfect and the food was amazing. Five of Hearts ordered her first curry and handled the spicy flavor like a champ.

After enjoying some of the best Thai food that we have had in years we headed to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) to check out the Gingerbread Adventures exhibit. Like seasoned food judges we had a blast viewing the five gigantic gingerbread sculptures with a critical eye and then voting on our favorite.

After a delicious outing it was time to return home for our turn at making food magic. We watched Vegan Cupcake Wars and then made vegan coconut raspberry cupcakes with coconut whipped frosting. Five of Hearts paired the cupcakes with one of her favorite movies, Trolls, and we ended the day dancing and feeling like “the world is all cupcakes and rainbows”.

Let It Snow!

When we moved from Montana to Vancouver, WA we warned the kids that we would not be having a “white” Christmas this year. After a very snowy winter in Montana last year we wanted to prepare them for a rainy winter in the Northwest. The kids just laughed and assured us that it would snow for Christmas. They were sure of it. So, early this morning when the snow started to fall it was no surprise for them. As the flakes continued to fall throughout the day they enjoyed their time out in the snow as well as the satisfaction of proving mom and dad wrong.

To The Nines

Five Ball’s birthday was “to the nines”, or as near to perfect as any 9th birthday could be. The birthday boy decided to spend most of the day at his favorite game store. If you are a fan of board games, role playing games, or card games then Guardian Games is definitely a place that you want to check out when in the Northwest. They have a massive selection of games, gaming supplies, and a huge space for game play. Five Ball first fell in love with this store last April and was completely thrilled to spend his birthday there today.

One of the best parts about Guardian Games is that they let you try out games from their well stocked collection at one of the many tables that they have set up in store. This is a great way to try out new games, or check out a game before buying your own copy. Today we chose to play Ghostbusters: The Board Game. This adventure game allows four players to fight Slimer, The Marshmellow Man, and other spirits in a variety of scenarios. The kids had a great time getting slimmed, firing proton streams, and banishing spirits.

Before leaving Guardian Games Five Ball picked out his birthday present. Being a huge Dungeons and Dragons fan he knew he wanted a present that included rogues, wizards, and lots of monsters. He wasn’t disappointed with his choice of the game Dungeon! created by Wizards of the Coast. As soon as we returned home the game was opened and taken out for a lengthy test spin. It was quickly decided that this is a fabulous board game for D&D fans and it made our birthday boy fantastically happy.

After battling ghosts and monsters all day we had all worked up an impressive appetite and were ready to sit down for a birthday meal. Five Ball had just enough energy left to blow out his candles with amazing force and polish off a sizable piece of raspberry chocolate mouse pie. We couldn’t have wished for a more perfect day for our rogue at heart (he has definitely stolen all of our heart’s).