Throughout the month of July we have been discovering fawns around our property. For a while we thought it was all the same baby deer left sheltered in the shade of our backyard foliage. However, as the month progressed we realized that we were seeing not one but three separate fawns. As they got older and more brave they left their sheltered hiding places and started grazing together around our lawn. The mother deer appears every once in a while with an extremely large udder containing enough milk for three hungry babies. The rest of the time the young fawns hang out under the cherry tree and drink from our bird baths. When they loose sight of each other you can hear their loud frantic bleats until they are once again reunited. It has been a great pleasure to watch them throughout the month. Five of Hearts has named them Spotty, Polka Dot, and Bambi. It will be interesting to see how long they stay around.