A Delightful Decade

Five of Hearts turned 10 on Christmas Day! As her parents it has been without contest the best decade of our lives. We have felt so privileged to watch our little Christmas baby grow, learn, and create while bringing compassion and joy to the lives of those around her. Every year our family feels so fortunate to be infused with her enthusiasm for the Holiday Season. Our decorations shine brighter, our cookies taste sweeter, and our carols sound spectacular thanks to her vast holiday spirit.


Last year Five of Hearts celebrated her birthday with a very refined tea party the day after Christmas. This year she was feeling a bit bonkers and decided to have a Mad Hatter Tea Party, which we all agree is much more fun! To start the day we created five very zany hats to help us get into character.

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It didn’t take long to get into the spirit of the party and soon the hysterical laughter and insane jokes were flying around the room. Luckily that was all that went flying and we managed to keep from flinging tea cups at the walls and each other in imitation of the beloved March Hare.


Throughout the party we feasted on hot cocoa, vegan fondue with an assortment of lovely treats to dip, and for the grand finale a coconut cream pie. Five of Hearts was delighted to find that she liked the newest movie remake of Alice Through the Looking Glass and we were all happy to relax by the fire and cuddle up with our favorite 10 year-old.




This past Sunday we had a totally tubular party to celebrate Five Ball’s 8th birthday. Thanks to the fact that he decided on a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle theme we all got to wear masks, fight off invisible bad guys, and yell COWABUNGA a lot. Of course pizza featured quite highly in the day as well.


The party started out with some heavy duty crafting as we made masks, concocted toxic green goo, and learned the secrets of folding an origami ninja star. The origami ninja stars were a huge hit, but left Five String with a slight migraine and several paper cuts. Luckily after several unsuccessful folding attempts we came across a great YouTube video that made the process bearable.


For this particular “turtle party” we decided to go old school and present the kids with the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles that we grew up with. We watched the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie from 1990 and found a copy of their live special “Coming Out of their Shells” on YouTube. It was hysterical to listen to Five String sing along with the old songs and the kids got a kick out of being introduced to relics from their mom and dad’s past.


Five Ball’s presents were also blasts from the past as he received marbles and an Aerobie ring. Some might accuse us of vicariously reliving our childhood through our kids:) While that might be a bit true we have found that the old toys are so much cooler than most of the stuff being sold today.


After getting our fill of Ninja Turtle catch phrases, marble games, and pizza it was finally time to blow out the candles. It was so much fun to watch Five Ball in his element all day long – jumping, throwing, rolling around and taking a few breaks to scarf down pizza. While not exactly practical we wouldn’t mind seeing our wonderful guy get to spend each and everyday in a similar fashion.



One Cool Cat and One Crazy Clown


High Five turned 6 on Friday and we were all treated to a day of the coolest cat around – Garfield. Little did we know that meant that Binky the Clown would be popping up throughout the day. For those of you who don’t know Binky the Clown watch below for a little introduction.

Binky woke Collin up first thing in the morning with a rousing round of clown aerobics and bad jokes. From there he put on a juggling show, told a great deal many more bad jokes, and helped play pin the nose on Garfield. When the end of the day rolled around and it was time for cake some of us were more than happy to say goodbye to Binky, while the birthday boy wanted him to stick around forever.

Being a Garfield party we made sure to eat lots of lasagna, open presents, and laze about. Too bad every day couldn’t be a Garfield day – minus the annoying clown 🙂


A Tea-rific Birthday


A brilliant time was had by all on the occasion of the esteemed Five of Heart’s birthday tea party on the 26th of December, 2015, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The guest list for this auspicious occasion included the revered Jack Camiliar Kirk, the captain of industry John Effery Numscott, Lady Martha Potts, and the dandy Eugene Onegin.

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Catering and decoration were provided by Five Spice Sweets. The impressive spread of homemade vegan pastries and sandwiches surely earned a place among the most lavish of society gatherings. Guest were enchanted to survey a Lego version of the entertaining room, including a miniature of a romantic excursion of Mister Harold Potter and Miss Virginia Weasley to Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop.


Five of Hearts herself took on the menial job of table setting and yet brought dignity to the task in a manner befitting her station. Her detailed knowledge of arcane and hallowed table setting etiquette reflected well on the young lady as well as her governess. Equally impressive were her composed manner throughout the affair and her dainty comportment while cooling tea.

DSC00563 DSC00548 DSC00576

Though one hesitates to provide a printed venue for gossip, there was murmured talk that Five of Heart’s birthday wish came true shortly after she extinguished the candles. Soon thereafter snowflakes blanketed the countryside, at which point the guest parted with convention and rushed therewith into the ether without their dinner jackets or overcoats. After some spirited tossing of snowy globes at one another’s torsos, the guests retired inside to warm themselves in the glow of the fire and of stimulating conversation. Burning warmer than the flames, however, was the affection all felt for the guest of honor on the occasion of her 9th birthday.

An A-maze-ing 7th Birthday


From Start to Finish, Five Ball had an action-packed birthday filled with many twists and turns. The morning started with a string maze, where each Five followed a string wound around various pieces of furniture in the house until they found a special prize at the end. The rest of the day consisted of games, maze books, and watching Tron and Tron LegacyDSC00376 DSC00382 DSC00409

By the time Five Ball got to gifts and cake, the hard part of the day was over. He could relax, open presents (including a homemade maze from High Five and Minotaur game from Five of Hearts) and enjoy his chocolate strawberry birthday cake with no strings attached.

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