A Tea-rific Birthday


A brilliant time was had by all on the occasion of the esteemed Five of Heart’s birthday tea party on the 26th of December, 2015, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The guest list for this auspicious occasion included the revered Jack Camiliar Kirk, the captain of industry John Effery Numscott, Lady Martha Potts, and the dandy Eugene Onegin.

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Catering and decoration were provided by Five Spice Sweets. The impressive spread of homemade vegan pastries and sandwiches surely earned a place among the most lavish of society gatherings. Guest were enchanted to survey a Lego version of the entertaining room, including a miniature of a romantic excursion of Mister Harold Potter and Miss Virginia Weasley to Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop.


Five of Hearts herself took on the menial job of table setting and yet brought dignity to the task in a manner befitting her station. Her detailed knowledge of arcane and hallowed table setting etiquette reflected well on the young lady as well as her governess. Equally impressive were her composed manner throughout the affair and her dainty comportment while cooling tea.

DSC00563 DSC00548 DSC00576

Though one hesitates to provide a printed venue for gossip, there was murmured talk that Five of Heart’s birthday wish came true shortly after she extinguished the candles. Soon thereafter snowflakes blanketed the countryside, at which point the guest parted with convention and rushed therewith into the ether without their dinner jackets or overcoats. After some spirited tossing of snowy globes at one another’s torsos, the guests retired inside to warm themselves in the glow of the fire and of stimulating conversation. Burning warmer than the flames, however, was the affection all felt for the guest of honor on the occasion of her 9th birthday.


What WildAid Means to Me: A Post by Five of Hearts


A couple of days ago I joined an organization that helps K Species called WildAid. In homeschool I was learning about population growth and carrying capacity. K species don’t have many babies and they are the ones we need to protect. Since they don’t have a lot of babies it takes them a long time to have more so the mother will probably die before she has more babies. If that happens then the species will eventually go extinct. And also if the mother dies the baby will die too because it takes them longer to be independent and able to fight. R species are a lot different. They have babies more quickly and in lots of numbers. The babies are ready to leave in a couple of weeks or days, and they don’t need as much care.

WildAid is an organization that cares about lots of K species. It is helping elephants and speaking for them so they don’t get killed for their ivory. And they are also making sure that sharks aren’t killed for their fins. Now, in different places they have made laws to make it illegal to have shark fin soup. So please don’t buy things with ivory in it and don’t eat shark fin soup.


The main reason I decided to donate to WildAid is because I was setting my mind on trying to find an organization about polar bears.  I have a stuffed polar bear named Squish Bear that I really like that gave me a connection with polar bears. Polar bears are also a K species, and they are very endangered too. They are endangered because global warming is melting ice so they don’t have much of a home. They are the species that is maybe in the most danger right now.

About 2/3 of the world’s polar bears live in Canada, where I have been living for the past couple months. I have seen many of the animals that live in Canada and want to protect them. I am hoping that after you read this post you will try to protect K species and the animals of Canada too. One easy way to help is to sign the Polar Bear Pledge. Thank you.


The creature that you see is a polar bear. The blue is the ocean. The yellow at the top and bottom of the picture shows that ice is melting. And if you go above the yellow at the top that is the glacier.

Nine Man Milles: A Post by Five of Hearts and Five Ball


When we went to the Viking site [L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site] we got fun activity books. When we got home we tried out a game called Nine Man Milles. We’ve been playing it for a few days now because it is really fun.

Even though the Vikings played this game, the Romans and the Egyptians played this game too according to my research. Also, the more original name for the game is Nine Men’s Morris. It was very popular in medieval England. The boards they used had holes not lines.

The players get 9 men. The goal is to get a “mill”, which is 3 men in a row. Instead of using black and white men, we use our different color counting bears.

You start with an empty board. You take turns placing the players on the board.


If you get 3 men in a row, you may take one of your opponent’s players that is not in a three in a row formation.

When your men and your opponents’ men are all placed on the board, then you can move one of your pieces to an open space that is connected by a line. You want to keep trying to make three in a row. You may not jump another piece. You may break your mill by moving a piece out and moving it back again. Each time you do this you remove one of your opponent’s pieces from the board. You may also block your opponent.

When a player is reduced to three players, they may move or ‘fly’ to any open space anywhere on the board. This is how some people play.
Here is how you win: blocking the other player so he or she can’t move, or reducing your opponent to two players.

What We Think

Five Ball: I love it.

Five of Hearts: I think it is really fun and it’s a great new game to play. I am glad I found it in my Viking activity book. At first I did not want to play with my brother and my Dad. But then my Dad finally convince me to play. The first couple of times I didn’t win, but now I have won two times.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post from my brother and I. See you next time!
Five of Hearts and Five Ball

Long Island Anniversary: A Post by Five Ball and Five of Hearts


Note: Five Spice and Five String celebrated their anniversary yesterday by renting a golf cart and exploring Long Island (Maine), just off the coast from Portland. Five Ball and Five of Hearts share below their thoughts about the day.


Riding on the back of the golf cart was really fun. It was a new experience and we’re really glad that we tried it.


High Five was pretty crazy and funny driving the car. He loves to drive cars and did really well on the golf cart if he could pretend to drive while we were at the different places.


We were playing “Throw the Hermit Crabs Back into the Ocean”. It was a lot of fun when Mom chased us around and we chased her. It was a great way to play on the beach. We had seen hermit crabs on another day on the beach with our grandmother.


It was a lot of fun climbing the rocks. There were some really flat rocks and lots of seaweed. I have always loved climbing rocks and caving.


Mom and Dad were excited for their anniversary and to rent a golf cart out on an island. Dad insisted that I take this picture on the rock for their anniversary picture.


Mom had looked up at the sky and saw clouds called mares’ tails. The next time I looked up the clouds were very puffy. But then they changed quickly and it was really cloudy.


The boys were asleep on Mom. I needed something to do, so Dad decided we would go off and explore. He Turkey Trotted me across the beach. On the way back we saw a path into the sand dunes and followed it. He finally found a tree and put me up in the tree. When we came back we told Mom all about it and showed her the picture.


Our Mom found this pretty red house on the next island over (Cliff Island).


We were looking out over the ocean.


My dad was excited for this license plate because on the last island we went to (Peaks Island) we had found the last license plate we needed for our license plate bingo (Montana). This plate is a bonus one not found on our bingo board. We couldn’t believe we found it on another island!


Before we had to return our golf cart, we decided to explore a conversation trail we had passed earlier. Mom had scouted ahead, and discovered a pond. We did not expect to find so much nature off of this one trail.


We tried to feed this frog sticks and grass, and he liked it. We thought it might eat grass, but according to Mom they like flies. It still is a mystery to us whether they would eat the grass or would like flies instead.


We saw how the beavers chewed wood with their teeth and made it into a home.

Cast Party


This past week we had quite a lot to celebrate. We received an exciting invitation to the Red Carpet Event for the Portland Children’s Film Festival; Five of Heart’s entry was selected as one of the top films in her age group. We don’t often have an excuse to get all gussied up, so we took choosing our outfits very seriously. Then we also got word that her film was shown on a segment of Good Morning Maine that featured the director of the Film Festival. By the time the Red Carpet Event came, we were definitely ready to celebrate.


The Red Carpet Event started at 6:00 P.M., so we had the day to rest up and then get ready for the big event. Five Ball repurposed some Easter flowers to give to Five of Hearts before we walked out the door, and then we were off to the Rines Auditorium at the Portland Public Library.


Five of Hearts got the VIP treatment when we arrived and was given a certificate and prize ribbon for her efforts. Then we enjoyed the main event, watching all of the top movies from the Young Filmmakers Contest. We were impressed by the many different styles of movies we saw, from stop animation and shadow puppetry to live action and hand-drawn animation. We left the event with a great respect for the powerful impact filmmaking can have on both traditional and homeschool education alike.


Perhaps the highlight of the night, however, came after we returned home. What better way to acknowledge the talents of all the crew and actors of “Love Connects Us to Everything” than a late-night cast party? There was loud music, dancing, refreshments, and screenings of some of our favorite movies. We definitely felt fortunate that the Fives Homeschool declared a late start for school the next day!