Unexpected Fruits

We moved into our current rental house in November when the trees had all lost their leaves. So, it was really exciting this spring when we discovered that we had several fruit trees growing in the backyard. As the fragrant blossoms died away and we became occupied with swimming and hiking the fruit trees faded from our minds. So, it was really exciting this past week when the Younger Fives came running into the house with huge smiles and handful of ripe cherries. The tree is absolutely loaded with fruit keeping our stomachs very happy. At some point we will probably need to start thinking of what to do with all these cherries besides just snacking on them. It will be interesting to see if the other fruit trees in the yard (apple and plum) yield as much fruit.

Back to the Lake

Testing the water.

Our vacation to the coast is over and we are back in Montana. While we miss the ocean we are excited to be back near the lake. The snow and ice are gone from one of our favorite state parks and we were able to spend a very sunny day sitting along the banks of Flathead Lake skipping stones and dipping our toes in the chilly water.

The big excitement of the day was building a bridge out to a few off shore rocks. Finally the perfect piece of drift wood was found and after much exertion it was put into place as the official bridge out to “Kids Only Island”. This definitely counted as a homeschool lesson for the day.



Crossing the Divide


A little over two weeks ago we crossed the Continental Divide to our new rental house in the Flathead Valley. We are now much closer to water and to the mountains. Even though we should have been unpacking these last few days it has been very hard to stay away from the abundance of new recreational opportunities. We can’t wait to post about our upcoming adventures in this amazing part of Montana!