March Comes in with a Bang

The saying goes that “March comes in like a lion”, but for us it came in with a loud bang as we enjoyed two exciting yet loud events in Portland. The first was the much anticipated MarchFourth concert at the Crystal Ballroom. This amazing band originates from Portland and were back home to celebrate their 15th anniversary. We were able to see them perform a few songs earlier in the winter, but were super excited to go to their full show and we weren’t disappointed!

MarchFourth does an amazing job of bringing so much energy to the stage. In addition to the fabulous singers and musicians their shows features stilt walkers, acrobats, and amazing costumes. The music makes everyone dance (or at least tap their feet) and you can’t stop humming the songs for days afterwards. The Younger Fives did a great job staying up into the very late hours of the night in order to enjoy the show. They also rocked their new Peltor Ear Muffs (hearing protection at a MarchFourth show is a must), which made mom and dad very happy.

After a night of loud music and dancing we headed off to the Lan Su Chinese Garden for the very last day of Chinese New Year. In and of itself Lan Su Chinese Garden is an amazing oasis in the middle of downtown Portland, but during Chinese New Year it is even more special. The garden was beautifully decorated and there were many celebratory crafts and demonstrations going on.

However, most anticipated by our family was the Lion Dance. The Lion Dance is performed to chase away evil spirits and is occupied by loud banging and often firecrackers. The International Lion Dance Team performed the dance in the main courtyard of the garden and the kids had a great view of the three lions as they danced to the loud drums, cymbals, and gongs. The kids especially enjoyed watching the lions chew and spit out lettuce to bring good fortune for the new year.

It was definitely an exciting beginning to our month. Now we will just have to wait to see how March goes out. Maybe soft cuddly things are in our future.