Ballet Buddies

When she was just a toddler Five of Hearts and Five String bonded over ballet. Not necessarily dancing ballet, but in watching ballet and learning about the history of this style of dance. Before she could read to herself they would snuggle up together and read through a Child’s Introduction to Ballet: The Stories, Music, and Magic of Classical DanceAfter learning about each ballet they would watch a recording of it on DVD. In this way they quickly became Ballet Buddies.

For her 5th birthday they made a special trip to see the Boston Ballet perform the Nutcracker. It was a very special outing, but as our travel lifestyle began in earnest their love of seeing live ballet took a backseat to plane tickets and other adventures. So, it was with great joy this past Sunday that Fives of Hearts and Five String ventured into the city to see ALICE (in wonderland) performed by the Oregon Ballet Theatre.

Being fans of the book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland they were both excited to see how it would be adapted for ballet. Five of Hearts was especially excited to view the costumes as she has been taking a costume design class throughout the winter. When the show was over they were both impressed by the dancing and dazzled by the costumes. However, most of all they were just glad to be out together enjoying a common enthusiasm as father and daughter.