Blast Off to Seven

High Five turned seven years old today and what better way to celebrate then with an outer space themed party. Since he was a toddler High Five has been fascinated by stars, planets, and the general unknown of our universe. He always has a book on outer space checked out from the library and he has a special love for Pluto.

After starting the day out with homemade planet pancakes and a space movie we headed to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry to take advantage of their wonderful planetarium. High Five chose tickets for the show Perfect Little Planet, which he first saw when he was two and is a family favorite.

Following the planetarium show we headed over to the OMSI Motion Simulator to try out the simulated ride experience Space Chase. The simulator is akin to a ride that you would experience at Disney and had us feeling like we were flying through outer space. It was twisty and turny and the perfect fun for a seven year old would be space explorer.

Before heading home for homemade Pluto pizza and astronaut ice cream cake we stopped by the museum gift shop to pick the birthday boy out his gift. He wisely chose a Lego 3-in-1 Space Shuttle creator set. All in all it was a truly amazing, out of this world birthday!


Perfect Little Planet


In preparation for our trip to Bryce Canyon National Park, where the stargazing is truly amazing, we stopped off in Salt Lake City to visit the Clark Planetarium. All in all we were very impressed by this planetarium. While not huge, the great thing about it is that all the exhibits are free. The only attractions that require tickets are the IMAX movies and shows in the Hansen Dome Theater.


Being members of a museum that participates in the Association of Science and Technology Centers’ Passport Program, we secured free tickets to a show at the Hansen Dome Theater. While we waited,we explored the two floors of impressive exhibits that are free to the public.  Some of the kids favorite exhibits included the interactive scale that calculated our body weights on planets, moons, and stars. The boys especially loved the audio-kinetic sculpture called “Newton’s Daydream” which was created by artist and sculptor George Rhoads. They would have stayed there all day watching the balls move through the two story maze-like structure. Five of Hearts for her part was especially taken with the interactive space quiz which she almost passed 100% (thank you Magic School Bus)! 


However, the highlight of our trip was definitely the exciting feature called “Perfect Little Planet“. This is a great pick for families with younger children. It is funny, informative, and quite a thrill as the dome theater and movie animation make you feel like you are flying through outer space. If you are in the Salt Lake City area we definitely recommend a stop by the Clark Planetarium to learn more about our perfect little planet and the other members of our solar system.