Riverside Respite: A Day in Pictures at Canyon Ferry Lake (Missouri River)

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From Sand to Snow: Driving From Las Vegas to Wyoming in Pictures

We are very happy to be settled into our rental in Wyoming’s Star Valley, and the contrasts from Las Vegas couldn’t be greater. After living in close proximity to neighbors in Europe over the past several months, and especially after being cooped up in a train for two weeks, having some room to roam is exactly what the kids need. The drive through Utah was rather snowy and slippery at times, but our CR-V handled the poor driving conditions very well. The wide-open spaces and snow-capped mountains of Western Wyoming have more than convinced us that we made the right choice for our next apartment, and we are eager to explore more of the surrounding area over the coming month. Here are some highlights of our drive:

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We couldn’t have asked for a better welcome to Wyoming than the friendly company of a neighboring dog and cat 🙂

Rome After Hours: Capitoline Hill


Rome’s Capitoline Hill is scenic any time of day. Walking past Trajan’s Column around the imposing Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II, the view from the ground looking up is impressive. However, upon climbing the stairs to reach the Piazza del Campidoglio at the top of the hill, the focus changes to the city spread out below. Except, of course, if a massive bird migration is taking place in the skies, as when we visited. Once the sun goes down, the Forum and Colosseum light up, and the view from Capitoline Hill affords an unforgettable vista for taking in Rome at night.

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